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5 Signs that your Whey Protein Shake is Garbage

Be careful in buying cheap protein! Big named brands or brands that are just starting out tend to use a lot of fillers, the cheapest low grade protein they can possibly source out to make some profit and still be reasonably affordable in the market place.  They will use clever marketing tactics such as; 24g of protein with bold text not visibly showing the actual serving size of per 24g of protein. Whether it is 30g or 40g serving size per 24g of protein. This always determines how much money you’re losing per serving. The following 5 signs are always good indicators if the protein you have is garbage.

  1. The protein is very hard to mix no matter how hard and for how long you’re shaking it with the shaker bottle or stirring it with a spoon.
  2. The protein is very sticky. It sticks to your teeth, to the shaker bottle or glass. Very gooey.
  3. Can cause severe diarrhoea ( make sure you check your diet to see you are not going over your protein daily intake and that you are not lactose intolerant for some products which does not have WPI)
  4. The protein is too thick.
  5. They contain thickening agents which can reduce the protein count per serving. This usually means you will need to double the serving scoops to get up to the desirable protein count.

This article is to help people like yourself to become more aware of what you are actually buying. Don’t just go with the hype because there cheap or they have some known bodybuilder promoting their products. Ensure to do some research before choosing your brand. 

December 14, 2016 by Zynal Khan
Tags: Diet

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