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Extreme dieting for bodybuilding competitions or sports like wrestling (which I had to deal with during high school and college) that requires reduction of body fat below healthy levels really does suck, big-time.
Once under the 8 percent or so body fat level, this turns on metabolic emergency switches that makes the physiology and psychology go into a type of "eat or die" state of being.

Even when following the best fat reduction diet, once your body fat levels reach this "low warning zone level" you spend day and night fighting off thoughts of eating and the resisting the physical drive to get up and eat; which is a torturous state of being.

The lower your body fat levels go, the more torturous it is. I can still remember the nights during my wrestling career when I woke up and raided the refrigerator, usually the night before a match.

I had to keep it stocked with low calorie vegetables, like heads of lettuce and pounds of fresh broccoli, which I ate plenty of during the day, but especially needed on hand at night to make those mid-night binges less calorie damaging.

After my last wrestling match almost 3 decades ago I never wanted to do extreme dieting like that again, one reason why I
never enter any bodybuilding competitions.

But, now at 48 even with eating a healthy diet and daily exercise, keeping body fat levels down is getting harder, especially if I want to get and stay under 9% body fat. Now when I need to seasonally reduce body fat levels, I use my expertise to follow a body fat reduction diet that sucks less, but it still sucks.


BY Daniel Gastelu

May 09, 2016 by Zynal Khan
Tags: Wellness

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